The iOS operating system is one of the best there is. Apple’s products are highly coveted thanks to the company’s know-how and the creativity of its engineers. In the following we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the iOS operating system.

The advantages of the iOS operating system

The first advantage of the iOS operating system is that it is very ergonomic. Indeed, iOS has one of the best interfaces in the world. It is very easy to master and can be adapted to all your needs. There are a multitude of applications that you can download from the Apple store. This means you don’t have to turn to another system. The second and most important advantage of Apple devices is the ecosystem. The iOS ecosystem consists of your iPhone, your iPad, your MacBook and, if possible, your Apple TV. You can link all these devices together to have a balanced ecosystem and navigate smoothly through it. When you lose one of your devices, you can easily recover your personal information on another.

The disadvantages of the iOS operating system

Apple’s operating system doesn’t just have advantages. It also has its drawbacks. It is not a multitasking operating system. Indeed, it is not possible to use several applications instantly for a long period of time. You have to update each time to be able to use all the features. In addition, Apple phones are the most expensive on the market. A simple installation of the iOS system is already very expensive. The Apple brand has established itself on the respect of its brand. In addition, iOS systems are incompatible with all other systems. So you can’t do a direct transaction between your computer with an iOS system and another computer with another type of operating system. Similarly, Apple phones are incompatible with both Android and Windows phones. It is therefore not possible to make any transactions with other systems.