A computer programmer is not necessarily the same person as a coder. The computer programmer will have a holistic approach of the project. For example, it can be compared with the research, analysis, decisions, testing and improving of a set of information and maintenance of the task to cook a dish in an oven with the programming of the oven. Decisions will have to be taken and knowledge applied about the selection of the recipe, the duration of the cooking, the conditions (grilled…) and the temperature. Consequently, a computer programmer can be assimilated to a project manager. He may work with a team of coders or can be the coder himself/herself. Hence, the knowledge needs to be from theory, concerning the languages, for example, and also from experience. The capacity to analyse and improve existing solutions is also a strong request. One solution to support the performance of these difficult tasks is to use ChatGPT wisely.

What are the advantages of ChatGPT through the process of computer programming ?

In project management, one of the preliminaries is to assess the feasibility of the project. This phase is particularly important, since it is going to direct the different tasks and to ensure performance. This is also, from a point of view of decision-making, a pivotal element. ChatGPT may be used as a research engine but also like a question-and-answer website. It is possible to improve quickly the preliminary phase of documentation and research by:

  • making queries to ChatGPT to answer unique or multiple questions ;
  • asking ChatGPT to show examples of code samples and snippets.

ChatGPT may provide too new information about processes of coding, thus enabling the project to reach a higher status.

Secondly, through the process of the conception of all the different stages of the programming, ChatGPT will be useful to improve quickly the coding and will contribute to assess the standard of the evolution of the programming. It can be done through sourcing, or by checking extracts to check the adequacy. This is a time saver and a quality improvement at the earliest stages of the project to be developed by the programmer. ChatGPT is then like an assistant with proper knowledge. Effectively, ChatGPT is like a vast library to complete the training of all the team members, with a lot of time saved by the rapidity of the supplied answers.

Thirdly, through the development phase of the project, ChatGPT can contribute to speed up the processes about the treatment of the natural language, or Natural Language Processing (NLP). This stage contributes to enhance the interface between the humans and the computer. The functionalities of NLP concern the interactions between the languages, from the computer and from humans, so, we’ll speak about translation, analyse of texts, speech recognition, and the creation automatically of texts. ChatGPT can support the work of programming in four categories of tasks. Computer programming necessitates information such as entities and actions in sentence parsing. ChatGPT then will produce the relevant information on these matters. The understanding and gruelling task to create a typology of information in the text can be performed by ChatGPT. Same for the action of shortening the sentences to create a fluidity to support programmers in their task to work from key requirements.

The fourth step concerns how programmers are going to explain about what they are producing, to newcomers, or at the final stage to anyone who must be informed. It is a necessity to produce documents to explain the purpose of the function, the inputs, and outputs and other relevant information about modules of the code. The general overview of the code is quite a task, and a lot of time can be saved using ChatGPT. This support will contribute to a higher degree of efficiency and performance by programme developers, since it allows them to focus on the management of the project and research of solutions. Last but not least, ChatGPT brings full value about the test phase. The benefits of this support will be the ability to produce codes more productive and bug-free. The other advantage will be to facilitate the maintenance of the final production. This list of advantages is impressive, and we can see how ChatGPT brings efficiency, time-saving and perspectives to the work of computer programming.